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Production style Drive Level tooling for QST-2002

Production style HSA level tooling for QST-2002

Production style Up/Down 2x HGA tooling for QST-2002

Production style Up/Down 2x HGA tooling for QST-2002

Tape tooling for QST-2002

 With a simple change of tooling, QST-2002 can be quickly converted to perform HGA, HSA, HDA or DLT/LTO Tape Head level QST testing in R&D, Failure Analysis, and Manufacturing environments.  

In addition to QST and AC Channel testing, the HSA/HDA can be statically tested to check for pin shortages and misconnections, wrong passive components on the Flex, Voice Coil integrity, and Preamp Chip functionality.

The HGA tooling was designed for high throughput Engineering/Production environment that allows customers to test two heads simultaneously.  This tooling supports many different HGA connectors including 2/4 Wire Paddle boards, FIC, etc.


Key Benefits

  • Suitable for Engineering/Manufacturing environments
  • High Throughput HSA/HDA testing (240 UPH)
  • Many programs already integrated
  • Integrated ESD Safe Bar Code reader


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