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Side Field Magnet Option

High Field Magnet Option

QST Quadrupole Magnet

QST-2002 Enclosure Option

Several QST-2002 options are available:

QST-2002 Side Field magnet is a bolt on option to the standard HSA magnet that provides additional side field simultaneous with applied transverse field.

QST-2002 High Field magnet is designed to be installed in place of the standard HSA magnet to provide applied fields as high as 2700 Oe for HGA level application.

The QST-2002 enclosure is manufactured out of ESD dissipative plastic with grounding metal brackets and heat ventilators.

This enclosure can be used during long term temperature stability testing to avoid any unwanted temperature variation due to ambient temperature changes.

Key Benefits

  • Side Field option for shields saturation
  • High Field option for HGA level R&D evaluation
  • Completely bolt on
  • Compact QST Enclosure
  • ESD disspiative material used for Enclosure
  • Grounding brackets used in Enclosure
  • Enclosure Heat ventilation

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