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Integral Solutions Int’l to participate in IDEMA PMR Symposium on Dec 7

SANTA CLARA, CA – Nov 08, 2006: Integral Solutions International, ISI, the world’s leading manufacturer of Quasi-Static testers for the data storage industry, announced today that it will participate in an IDEMA symposium entitled “Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR): The Innovation is a Product Reality.” The symposium is being held on December 7, 2006 in Santa Clara, CA. For information and registration please visit: www.idema.org.

Henry Patland, ISI’s President & CEO will be presenting during Session 3 of the IDEMA symposium.   The title of the presentation is: “Challenges of Cost Effective Screening of Current and Future TMR/PMR Design Heads”

As the industry makes the transition to PMR technology, with expected 100% transition by 2010, there are many challenges that head designers need to overcome to make this transition successful. In addition to dealing with completely new head, media and channel designs, head manufacturers have to quickly anticipate the type of failures they will see from new head designs in volume production environments and be ready to cost effectively screen out those failures. This presentation will concentrate on the challenges of testing these new head technologies, the type of solutions that are currently available and future requirements. Also a cost effective test strategy will be presented for discussion.

 About ISI

Integral Solutions International (referred to as ISI) is a privately held California based US Corporation.  ISI was established in September 1995 and is the leading manufacturer of Quasi-Static testers for GMR, TMR and Perpendicular Heads.  This includes a line of Quasi-Static (QST) Testers, ESD and Temperature Stress Testers.   ISI’s product line of testers consists of Wafer QST, Row Bar QST, Slider QST, HGA, HSA, HDA, and Tape Head QST. Optional components include the ESD MR Head Stress System and Temperature Controller System.

ISI provides worldwide customer support from the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Hong-Kong, and the Philippines.



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