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SANTA CLARA, CA – Sep 6, 2007: Integral Solutions International, ISI, the world’s leading manufacturer of Quasi-Static testers for the data storage industry, announced today the release of the QST-2002-RT 12-Channel Reliability Test System.

As MR Head technology transitions into TMR/PMR and TMR sensor dimensions shrink to advance Arial density, one of the biggest concerns for MR head manufacturers is the reliability of these sensors. 

The QST-2002-RT is designed to address these concerns by analyzing MR performance utilizing ISI’s patented industry-standard High Frequency measurements under three primary applications: in a high temperature environment, in a hot/cold environment, or under ambient conditions.  With 12 channels the system is intended to be modular, for characterization of a small set of HGAs, or combined into a group of systems allowing the customer to exercise a large population of HGAs (ex. 10 systems capable in total of 120 channels).

The first application is to run Write/Read Stress tests at elevated temperatures of up to 250C for an extended period of time (ex. 1000 hours).  With these tests, head manufacturers can predict the lifetime characteristics of MR sensors in real drives. 

The second application is to run Write/Read Stress tests while lowering the temperature as low as -20C, or up to 80C, to detect any instabilities in the MR sensors caused by hot/cold stress environment.

The third application is to simulate the HDD environment by running Write/Read Stress tests under ambient conditions and monitor MR sensor failures.  With a large test population this allows customers to cost-effectively screen out low probability failures of MR sensors before production volumes are reached.

About ISI

Integral Solutions International (referred to as ISI) is a privately held California based US Corporation.  ISI was established in September 1995 and is the leading manufacturer of Quasi-Static testers for GMR, TMR and Perpendicular Heads as well as Automated Sorting/Inspection tools.

ISI provides worldwide customer support from the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Hong-Kong, and the Philippines.


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