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ISI ANNOUNCES RELEASE OF WLA-3000 Wafer Level Analyzer for Data Storage Industry


SANTA CLARA, CA – February 20, 2009: Integral Solutions International, ISI, the world’s leading manufacturer of Quasi-Static testers for the data storage industry, announced today the release of WLA-3000 Wafer Level Analyzer. 

Analyzing magnetic film performance is critical to the design and production of Magnetic Recording Heads and Magnetic RAM devices.

The WLA-3000 Automated Wafer Level Analyzer can be integrated with a variety of industry standard Automated Wafer Probers to characterize magnetic properties of finished devices, test structures, and bulk thin films.

With the ISI High Field Quad-Pole Magnet, the WLA-3000 can apply user-defined field vector while sampling DC and High Frequency MR Response at each test site.  The system can quickly measure DC Resistance while applying a range of Magnetic Fields, Bias Levels, and Precisely-timed Bias Pulses.

In magnetic heads production environment, the WLA-3000 offers high throughput device performance verification as well as feedback to Wafer Process control. Various options like Magnet, Probe Card, Relative Inductance, Ferromagnetic Resonance and Hot Chuck allow customers to custom configure the system for their specific needs.

For Magnetic RAM application, WLA-3000 offers full-stack characterization as well as thin film process monitoring during the development cycle.  Specific tests for STT-RAM include IR Curves with High/Low Resistance Switching, and Switching Bias vs. Bias Pulse Width for predicting Switching currents at extremely fast transitions.

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