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SANTA CLARA, CA – June 30, 2008: Integral Solutions International, ISI, the world’s leading manufacturer of Quasi-Static testers for the data storage industry, announced today that starting January 1st 2009 availability and support of some of our older products will reach end-of-life.  The following products will be affected:

  • Exchanges of 2001 and 2001Plus systems to 2002s

  • Upgrades of non-USB 2002s to USB

  • Non-USB 2002 system support

  • 8X HotPlate Systems

  • 8X Hot/Cold Plate Systems

Exchanges of 2001 and 2001Plus, and Upgrades of non-USB 2002 Systems, to 2002-USB

ISI currently offers Exchanges of early QST systems (2001 and 2001Plus) for brand-new 2002 systems.  Similarly, ISI is offering upgrades of early non-USB 2002s (SN 25299 and lower) to new USB-style 2002s (SN 25300 and higher).  These exchanges/upgrades will no longer be available after January 1st 2009.  If interested in upgrading before this deadline please contact ISI and refer to the following PNs:

  • Q10025:      Exchange of 2001 to 2002-USB

  • Q10025-A:   Exchange of 2001Plus/non-Popcorn to 2002-USB

  • Q10025-B:   Exchange of 2001Plus/Popcorn to 2002-USB

  • Q10025-E1: Upgrade of 1stGen Nidaq-2002 (SN 25001-25050) to 2002-USB

  • Q10025-E:   Upgrade of 2ndGen Nidaq-2002 (SN 25051-25299) to 2002-USB

Non-USB 2002 system support

ISI currently does not perform repairs, provide model-specific spare parts, or confirm new software compatibility with 2001Plus and older systems, as these products have reached end-of-life several years ago.  Starting January 1st 2009 Nidaq-style 2002s will be more than 5 years old and will also reach end-of-life.  ISI recommends upgrading these systems to 2002-USB, or freezing the software version and ordering model-specific spare parts in preparation for this end-of-life deadline.

8xHotPlate and 8xHot/ColdPlate Systems

With the recent successful introduction of the 12xReliability System the 8x System product line has become redundant and obsolete.  The 8x Systems were the first high-volume HGA reliability system offered by ISI, but was only capable of performing LF measurements (MRR and Transfer Curve) on up-to 8 HGAs at once.  In comparison, the 12xReliability System can perform full LF and HF measurements, using the state-of-the-art Gen3 frontend electronics, on up-to 12 HGAs at once.  ISI will continue to offer 8xCartridge Toolings, and will continue to offer 1xHotFinger and 1xHot/ColdFinger HGA toolings for F/A and Engineering on 2002 systems, but the reliability-intended 8xHotPlate and 8xHot/ColdPlate systems will no longer be available for purchase starting January 1st 2009.  It is expected that software support and spare parts will end for these systems shortly thereafter, but a cutoff date has not yet been determined.

About ISI

Integral Solutions International (referred to as ISI) is a privately held California based US Corporation.  ISI was established in September 1995 and is the leading manufacturer of Quasi-Static testers for GMR, TMR and Perpendicular Heads.  This includes a line of Quasi-Static (QST) Testers, ESD and Temperature Stress Testers.   ISI’s product line of testers consists of Row Bar QST, Slider QST, HGA, HSA, HDA, and Tape Head QST. Optional components include the ESD MR Head Stress System and Temperature Controller System.

ISI provides worldwide customer support from the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Hong-Kong, and the Philippines.



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