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SANTA CLARA, CA – February 17, 2011: Integral Solutions International, ISI, the world’s leading manufacturer of Quasi-Static testers for the data storage industry, announced today the release of QST2002-PLUS family of QST testers. 


 Now available is the latest generation of QST2002 System, called the QST2002-PLUS.  The 'PLUS' is available in both the Tabletop version (QST2002-PLUS) and also the Rackmount version (QST2002E-PLUS, for Wafer, Bar, Slider, 2002HF, and 2002RT applications).  These 'PLUS' systems will have all the functionality of the existing systems but will also include the new HSD-500 Module (500 Ms/sec High Speed Digitizer Module).  The HSD-500 Module is a significantly-improved version of the AC Measurement channel and replaces the original 160Ms/sec ADC Channel.  The PLUS systems with HSD-500 Module have the following key benefits over the previous non-PLUS systems: 

§         Higher UPH.  In 500Ms/sec mode the SMAN/SMAN-2 tests will run 20% - 100% faster than the current 160Ms/sec channel

§         500Ms/sec mode for 3x improvement in AC measurement resolution

§         Higher bandwidth measurement capability, of up to 200Mhz bandwidth, compared to 80Mhz bandwidth limitation of the current digitizer channel

§         Improved low-frequency bandwidth, down to 200Khz, for low-frequency noise measurements

§         160Ms/sec 'backwards-compatibility' mode, to operate like existing QST2002/QST2002Es with existing software

§         New Software capabilities for 500Ms/sec mode

 For all new system quotations ISI will be quoting the PLUS models as standard.  However, for the convenience of our customers during the transition, throughout 2011 customers may instead choose to order the original QST2002/QST2002E systems.


 For customers with existing QST2002s/QST2002Es, ISI will offer the HSD-500 Module Upgrade, to upgrade existing non-PLUS systems to QST2002-PLUS/QST2002E-PLUS Models.  This will provide all the improvements in UPH, accuracy, and bandwidth listed above.

 About ISI

Integral Solutions International (ISI) is a privately held California based US Corporation, established in September 1995.  ISI provides worldwide customer support from the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Hong-Kong.



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