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The DSI-3000 is a high throughput slider sorter that uses seven axes of motion and three vision systems to accurately pick and place Pico, Femco, and Femto type sliders.

The system is ideal for at least two applications in slider fab process:

The system can be configured to pick from up to 2 user defined input de-bond trays, perform optional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and place sorted sliders into 20 standard 2x2 waffle trays.

Alternatively, the system can be configured to pick from up to 10 standard 2x2 waffle trays, perform optional visual defect inspection of the pad side surface of the slider and place sorted slider into 20 standard 2x2 waffle trays.

DSI-3000 sorter uses unique mechanical arrangement to achieve 2300 UPH including OCR. It uses latest OCR technology to achieve OCR accuracy rates of 99.9%.

DSI-3000 uses an ISI proprietary Active Nozzle that can contact slider with close to zero force, detect when contact is made, and gently pick up the slider with an ESD dissipative nozzle. The Active Nozzle can also sense deflection and tell if the slider is missing or is at the wrong z-height. This technology makes the DSI-3000 ideal for handling extremely small, fragile, and ESD sensitive devices such as Femto sliders.

Key Benefits

  • Supports Pico, Pemto and Femto type sliders
  • Uses up to 2 standard process de- bond trays or up to 10 standard 2x2 waffle trays as input
  • Uses up to 20 standard 2x2 waffle trays as output
  • Supports Missing Slider Detection
  • Position limit sensors
  • Position verification encoders
  • Trays move to front of system for convenient load/unload
  • Pneumatic Sensors check if slider is missing after every move operation
  • Unique mechanical arrangement to achieve high throughput
  • Proprietary Active Nozzle for soft touch slider handling
  • ESD Dissipative Nozzle
  • Below .01% mis-handling rates
  • OCR does not impact throughput
  • All movable parts covered to remove risk of slider contamination from stages
  • Proven OCR Vision System with 99.9% accuracy rates
  • Simple to use Operator Friendly GUI
  • Allows rules configuration in GUI without programming
  • User definable Bin-Tray Color
  • Allows user to define which side is input/output for great flexibility in sorting

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