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Release of QST-2002-Plus

Release of QST-2002-RT

Release of DSI-3000

Release of QST-2002-HF

Announcing release QST-2002-Plus Test System

Now available is the latest generation of QST2002 System, called the QST2002-PLUS.  The 'PLUS' is available in both the Tabletop version (QST2002-PLUS) and also the Rackmount version (QST2002E-PLUS, for Wafer, Bar, Slider, 2002HF, and 2002RT applications).  These 'PLUS' systems will have all the functionality of the existing systems but will also include the new HSD-500 Module (500 Ms/sec High Speed Digitizer Module).  The HSD-500 Module is a significantly-improved version of the AC Measurement channel and replaces the original 160Ms/sec ADC Channel.  The PLUS systems with HSD-500 Module have the following key benefits over the previous non-PLUS systems: 

         Higher UPH.  In 500Ms/sec mode the SMAN/SMAN-2 tests will run 20% - 100% faster than the current 160Ms/sec channel

         500Ms/sec mode for 3x improvement in AC measurement resolution

         Higher bandwidth measurement capability, of up to 200Mhz bandwidth, compared to 80Mhz bandwidth limitation of the current digitizer channel

         Improved low-frequency bandwidth, down to 200Khz, for low-frequency noise measurements

         160Ms/sec 'backwards-compatibility' mode, to operate like existing QST2002/QST2002Es with existing software

         New Software capabilities for 500Ms/sec mode

Announcing release QST-2002-RT 12xHGA Reliability Test System

The QST-2002-RT tester uses the same core measurement capabilities as the QST-2002/QST-2002E with Gen3 Front-end Electronics.

The QST-2002-RT can stress and test in-situ up to 12 HGA's at various user-defined temperatures and is designed to be part of a large HGA sample population testing for HGA life prediction. The mode of operation is to apply V/I Bias stress to the MR sensor (or additionally any combination of Bias stress, Write stress, Magnetic Field Stress, DFH Stress, and Bias Pulsing stress) at elevated temperatures for an extended period of time, then perform standard QST and AC Channel measurements as metrics of performance degradation.

Performance metric measurements include Transfer Curve and Resistance analysis, and the most advanced instability detection system of any QST Tester available today. These measurements, performed through a unique High Frequency channel with integrated digital oscilloscope, include Popcorn, AC Noise, and Spectral Maximum Amplitude Noise (SMAN).

Two versions of thermal control are available for this system. The first is a Hot-only option, allowing measurements of the MR elements when thermally stressed from ambient to up to 250C. The second is a Hot/Cold option that includes a self-contained humidity-controlled environment for measurements within the range of -20C to 80C.


Announcing release DSI-3000 Die/Slider Sorter Inspection System

The DSI-3000 is a high throughput slider sorter that uses seven axes of motion and three vision systems to accurately pick and place Pico, Femco, and Femto type sliders.

The system is ideal for at least two applications in slider fab process:

The system can be configured to pick from up to 2 user defined input de-bond trays, perform optional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and place sorted sliders into 20 standard 2x2 waffle trays.

Alternatively, the system can be configured to pick from up to 10 standard 2x2 waffle trays, perform optional visual defect inspection of the pad side surface of the slider and place sorted slider into 20 standard 2x2 waffle trays.

DSI-3000 sorter uses unique mechanical arrangement to achieve 2300 UPH including OCR. It uses latest OCR technology to achieve OCR accuracy rates of 99.9%.

DSI-3000 uses an ISI proprietary Active Nozzle that can contact slider with close to zero force, detect when contact is made, and gently pick up the slider with an ESD dissipative nozzle. The Active Nozzle can also sense deflection and tell if the slider is missing or is at the wrong z-height. This technology makes the DSI-3000 ideal for handling extremely small, fragile, and ESD sensitive devices such as Femto sliders.



Announcing release QST-2002-HF High Field QST Tester

The QST-2002HF is an engineering test system for characterizing the performance of MR Heads at the Head Gimbal Assembly level at magnetic fields up to 15,000 Oe

Low Frequency measurements include Resistance and Transfer Curve analysis. High Frequency measurements include the most advanced instability detection system available today. These measurements, performed through our unique HF channel with integrated digital scope, include Popcorn, HF Noise, and patented Spectral Maximum Amplitude Noise (SMAN).

Transverse Transfer Curve at Extremely High Fields


Longitudinal Transfer Curve at Extremely High Fields

The ultra high range of the QST-2002HF allows observation of sensor characteristics such as pin layer reversal and demagnetization in extreme conditions. It is capable of resetting the hard magnetic layer at HGA and HSA level by applying extremely high longitudinal magnetic field. Other applications include initialization investigation and environmental robustness.

The full suite of stress conditions include field up to 15000 Oe, write current to 60 mA 0-pk , bias current to 20 mA, full DFH exercise, and elevated temperature.



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