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Analyzing magnetic film performance is critical to the design and production of Magnetic Recording Heads and Magnetic RAM devices.

The WLA-3000 Automated Wafer Level Analyzer can be integrated with a variety of industry standard Automated Wafer Probers to characterize magnetic properties of finished devices, test structures, and bulk thin films.

With the ISI High Field Quad-Pole Magnet, the WLA-3000 can apply user-defined field vector while sampling DC and High Frequency MR Response at each test site. The system can quickly measure DC Resistance while applying a range of Magnetic Fields, Bias Levels, and Precisely-timed Bias Pulses.

In magnetic heads production environment, the WLA-3000 offers high throughput device performance verification as well as feedback to Wafer Process control. Various options like Magnet, Probe Card, Relative Inductance, Ferromagnetic Resonance and Hot Chuck allow customers to custom configure the system for their specific needs.


  • High Field Strength Dual Axis Magnet
  • High Performance Electronics
  • Programmable diode clamping levels
  • Support Industry Standard Automated Probers
  • Contacts grounded during probing
  • Four point resistance measurement
  • Simple Probe Card Alignment
  • Optional Hot Chuck support
  • Optional RIA-2008 support
  • Optional FMRA-2008 support
  • Comprehensive MR Analysis using QST-2002E Measurement System
  • Open architecture software allowing custom module design using VB6
  • Direct data output to various popular formats, including Microsoft Excel™,
    Access™, and CSV
  • Engineering/production modes
  • Intuitive user interface

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