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The QST-2002 is an engineering and production test system for characterizing the performance of Magnetoresistive Heads and Head Stack Assemblies. 

With a unique single magnet configuration, the QST-2002 can accurately measure Hard and Easy Axis Transfer Curves in less than 1 second. For high throughput testing, an optional adapter can be ordered to mount HGA’s/HSA’s off-line.

Measurements of the QST-2002 include Hard/Easy Transfer Curves, Bias Angle Curves, Temperature/Resistance Curves, Amplitude Asymmetry vs. Bias Current Curves, and MR Element Temperature Stability Curves.

With an open architecture design software using ActiveX technology, customers can develop their own custom tests in a fraction of the time.

Standard Stress tests include Amplitude Stability, Barkhausen Noise, and Electromigration. The write generator can further stress the heads during these measurements with up to 63 mA 0-Pk write current, while an Ambient Temperature Sensor measures environmental conditions. 

An extra small footprint allows the QST-2002 to operate in virtually any environment.

Key Benefits

  • Provides Bar/Slider/HGA/HSA/HDA/Tape level QST testing with single universal tester design
  • Perfect for QST testing at R&D, Failure Analysis and Manufacturing levels
  • Compact/Modular design
  • Superior low-noise electronics
  • Open architecture Windows 95/98/NT software
  • Proven in the field with a large installed base worldwide
  • Advanced technology 

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