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The QST-2002-RT tester uses the same core measurement capabilities as the QST-2002/QST-2002E with Gen3 Front-end Electronics.

The QST-2002-RT can stress and test in-situ up to 12 HGA's at various user-defined temperatures and is designed to be part of a large HGA sample population testing for HGA life prediction. The mode of operation is to apply V/I Bias stress to the MR sensor (or additionally any combination of Bias stress, Write stress, Magnetic Field Stress, DFH Stress, and Bias Pulsing stress) at elevated temperatures for an extended period of time, then perform standard QST and AC Channel measurements as metrics of performance degradation.

Performance metric measurements include Transfer Curve and Resistance analysis, and the most advanced instability detection system of any QST Tester available today. These measurements, performed through a unique High Frequency channel with integrated digital oscilloscope, include Popcorn, AC Noise, and Spectral Maximum Amplitude Noise (SMAN).

Two versions of thermal control are available for this system. The first is a Hot-only option, allowing measurements of the MR elements when thermally stressed from ambient to up to 250C. The second is a Hot/Cold option that includes a self-contained humidity-controlled environment for measurements within the range of -20C to 80C.

Key Benefits

  • Gen3 2xBar Electronics Front-end
  • Dual 6xHGA Cartridges
  • HGA Cartridges customizable for different head types and configurations
  • Offline HGA mounting
  • Simultaneous Electrical Stress with Temperature
  • Electrical Stress includes any combination of Bias, Bias Pulsing, Write, DFH, or Field Stress
  • Full LF and HF measurement capability with short interconnections
  • Slide magnet assembly for easy access to Front-end Toolings
  • Sensor for detection of Magnet in test position
  • Reconfigurable between Ambient, Hot-Only, or Hot/Cold Stress Configurations
  • Safety Enclosure with Interlocks

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