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ISI QST and V7 Pricing and Technical Support Updates for 2017

SANTA CLARA, CA – February 27, 2017: Integral Solutions International, ISI, the world’s leading manufacturer of Quasi-Static testers for the data storage industry, is clarifying important information regarding V7 Pricing and Technical Support Updates for 2017.

Starting January 1, 2017, for those customers who do not have a company-wide Service Agreement in place, software and technical support via phone or email service is now bundled within the yearly V7 Maintenance. Each individual QST2002-PLUS/QST2002E-PLUS system that maintains a current V7 Software Maintenance is entitled to receive this technical support for the licensed tester throughout its yearly Maintenance period. Any PLUS system that has an expired or invalidated V7 Maintenance, or is still running EOL V4/V5/V6 software, must first be upgraded to a current V7 Maintenance license in order to be eligible for this software and technical support. Starting Dec-2016, the new pricing and description for both the Initial V7 License and yearly Maintenance renewal have already been updated to reflect this new policy.

Per our previous announcement, the previous generation (non-PLUS) models of the QST2002/QST2002E Testers have already reached End-Of-Life (EOL). ISI no longer provides service or repairs for these units, and only select spareparts are now available. Rather than terminating software compatibility, for the convenience of our customers ISI has decided to continue providing V7 software support for these EOL non-PLUS QST systems. Although some of the new features within the V7 software require a PLUS system to operate, with this continued V7 software compatibility any non-PLUS system with a current V7 Maintenance license will continue to receive access to the latest V7 software updates, and will also receive the same software and technical support via phone or email service as available for the PLUS systems. Due to the additional cost of supporting these non-PLUS testers, the pricing for both the Initial License and the yearly V7 Maintenance is higher compared to the PLUS systems.

To avoid any gaps in software accessibility and technical support, and to avoid the higher Initial V7 License charge, ISI highly recommends that customers operating either PLUS or non-PLUS QST testers keep the yearly V7 Maintenance current for each tester and without interruption. Note that this Maintenance license does not require that customers need to use the latest V7 software version, for example V7 users with current Maintenance licenses may choose to use previous version v7.32.06 or older software if WinXP OS compatibility is desired. However, in order to receive access to new software modules and access to this technical support, even if you choose to run older V7 software the yearly V7 Maintenance must be kept up-to-date.

When contacting ISI for technical support we are now asking our customers to have their 5-digit QST SN# available, as ISI will ask for this SN# information in order to verify support status.

Along with the above changes in pricing for this QST Software/Support Licensing, the pricing of most other QST-related items has also been updated for 2017 as part of our annual review. While prices are subject to change without notice, customers are advised to request an updated quote for any previous quote that has expired.

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