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The ISI EPS-100 (ESD/CDM Pulse System), designed specifically for ESD 
sensitive devices such as (G)MR heads, allows the user to stress these devices with controlled ESD waveforms. When used with ISI QST-2002 systems, magnetic performance of the (G)MR head versus ESD stress can be characterized.

The EPS-100 is available with any or all of the following waveforms:

  1. D-CDM (Direct Charged Device Model)
  2. HBM (Human Body Model)
  3. MM (Machine Model)
  4. Custom

Waveform modules are easily interchanged to create a complete, low-cost ESD test solution.

Modular electronic design and open architecture software make the ESD/CDM Pulse System easily upgradable to fit the ever-changing needs of the (G)MR community.

The unit integrates directly with the QST-2002 systems, or can be used as a stand-alone device. As a stand-alone device, the user can control all 
functions of the ESD/CDM Pulse System through either a menu or ActiveX programming interface.

With relay-switched I/O connections, the ESD Waveform Generator Module can isolate external connections during pulses.

The HBM waveform conforms with EIA-JESD22-A114-A specifications. The MM waveform conforms with EIA-JESD22-A115-A specifications. The CDM Module is a Direct CDM (D-CDM) module using a socketed CDM configuration, and conforms with JESD22-C101 specifications.

Key Benefits

  • DCDM (Direct Charged Device Model) 
  • HBM (Human Body Model) 
  • MM (Machine Model) 
  • Bipolar voltage range +-100V with 3 mV Resolution
  • Built-in Waveform Monitoring Probe
  • Lightweight, Table Top unit
  • Direct Integration with QST 2002 and Blazer-X5B systems
  • Stand-alone unit with ActiveX programming interface
  • Relay switched device connections for isolation during pulses


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