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The BLAZER-X5S tester uses same field proven technology as QST-2002 for measurements and an innovative mechanical platform that make it the most advanced Slider Level QST Tester.

Measurements include high speed Transfer Curve and Resistance analysis, and the most advanced instability detection system of any QST Tester available today. These measurement, performed through our unique AC channel with integrated digital scope, include
Popcorn, AC Noise, Maximum Amplitude Noise (MAN) and Spectral Maximum Amplitude Noise (SMAN).

Using customer process trays, with only four axis of motion the tester can automatically access a slider from any one of up to twelve input/output trays.

BLAZER-X5S has unique force sensing pickup nozzle allowing it to touch sliders with predetermined force for more reliable pickup from any process tray.

BLAZER-X5S tester has the ability to switch between UP and DOWN sliders automatically via software, without the need to change Probe Cards or re-alignment.

The tester comes equipped standard with one Vision System for Probe Card Alignment. Optional Vision Systems for OCR and slider/tray pocket are also available.


Key Benefits

  • Pad miss-contact detection
  • Four point resistance measurement
  • Up/Down slider selection with single Probe Card
  • Writer resistance measurement
  • Contacts grounded during probing
  • Programmable diode clamping levels
  • Supports Pico and Femto type sliders Compact footprint
  • Automated Slider Handling
  • Uses Slider Process Trays as Test Tray
  • Supports Missing Slider Detection
  • 8 point Probe Card, 2 sets
  • Probe contacts both writer and reader
  • Compact Probe Card (2x2)
  • Simple Probe Card Alignment
  • Up to 12 trays can be loaded at once
  • Position limit sensors
  • Position verification encoders

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